Visual Development & Character Design Personal Project

This personal project aims to develop the visual development of this story that revolves around Eeven, a half-human being, half a magical creature, who seeks to face the unknown and discover herself and her past.


Eeven is a half human being, half a magical creature. Her father is the Spirit of the Odon forest, a magical place full of life. She is a cheerful and curious character, but also stubborn and sometimes too confident, even of what She does not know.

Concept art of Eeven

Beautiful Friendship

Eeven´s Wings

Being Eeven a mixture of two different beings, the idea for this character is that the beauty and magnificence of her “magical” part enhance her human character. The wings are the key element to define it, since it implies that she is a cheerful, beautiful and eager to discover, but the fact that she does not know how to fly well is a reflection of her insecurity and fear of what There is beyond the forest.

Concept Art

Concept art of Eeven